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Discover Dogs, Discover Estrela

Come meet us at Discover Dogs

Estrela Owner? Would you like to take part in the stand at Discover Dogs?

If so, you may need an Estrela or basic knowledge of the breed, and to be a member of the Estrela Mountain Dog Association to take part.

We try to keep time slots on the Discover Dog stand to half a day each (depending on the number of dogs you have, you may be allotted a whole day), this gives everyone the chance to take part, but most importantly, to give your dog the break from the stand they need. It can be a very long, but rewarding day.

We try to match everyone up with their desired time slot however this cannot be guaranteed.

If you would like more information, please contact us.

We advise you show your interest before 10th January for the Crufts DD in March and before 1st August for ExCel London Discover Dogs in October.

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