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Estrela Mountain Dog Showing

Please find below a list of both Championship and Open shows which contain Estrela classes.

Most shows are free Addmission for human entry, however you will have to pay and book to bring a dog. If you have any questions about meeting Estrela's at a show, feel free to contact us.

Championship Shows

The Championship Dog Show List contains ALL Championship dog shows. Not all of these have Estrela Mountain Dog Classes. This list is subject to change each year so please follow the link to check the listings.

Open Shows

The EMDA have created your very own Estrela MD Open Show List, which includes every Open show (to our knowledge) to have Estrela classes.

Link coming soon!

How does your dog become eligible for the EMDA Top Dog/Bitch/Puppy/Crufts Award?:

For your dog to become eligible for the EMDA Top Dog/Bitch/Puppy/Crufts Awards, you must be a member of the EMDA for a minimum of 6 months with a dog over 12 months old and a minimum of 3 months for a dog under 12 months old.

At each Championship show entry, you will be able to gain 'points' towards these awards. Please find how you gain points here. (Link Coming Soon...)

At the end of the year, there is a Top Dog, Top Bitch and Top Puppy for every breed, this is often then published in the Dog Show Paper 'Our Dogz'. If your dog it Reserve Top Dog for example but the Top Dog of the year is not a member of the EMDA, the award will then go to your dog as the award is only eligible for members.

You will be able to keep the award for up to 12 months where it should be returned to a member of the committee in the condition it was received. Deposits will be taken.

To become a member, please visit the Membership page for more information.

Looking to enter a show and need a schedule?

Most schedules can be downloaded online for Open, Limit and Championship Shows. The following links should take you to most, if you would like any information regarding shows and meeting Estrela's, please contact us. 




Dog Show Results:

These can be found on the following links for most shows:



Crufts Results

EMDA Results and Critiques

EMDA Top Dog/Bitch/Puppy/Crufts Awards

EMDA Open and Limit Show Schedule 2019 

New to Dog Showing?  

What qualifies my dog for Crufts?

Join the EMDA!

If you are a member and your dog is either Top Dog, Top Bitch, Top Puppy or Crufts Winner by the end of the previous year. You will get to take home your very own trophy